#1 Retrospection

As first post I’d like to tell where I am coming from. Today is the start of the new season 2016-2017 and ofcourse it wasn’t my first year as a shooter. There is allready a journey till this moment and I’d like to tell this in a short summary over 2014 till this moment.

Scores & Technique

Exactly one year ago  there began a new shootingseason in the Netherlands. I had ended the season of 2014-2015 with good scores and an amazing feeling. The NK of 2014-2015 took place in September 2015 (in the new season what was odd). On this day I shot a new personal record of 401.8 but after that, it didn’t really grow much more in the new season.

I got a lot of help from others and I started to try new things or even change some techniques that I was using at that moment. My scores did go up after getting used to the changes, but they never really topped at the best. There was a problem. I never stopped changing. I knew that my scores would suffer under the changes, but I also knew that my scores would get better in the end. But it became a vicious circle last year. I became desperate to new scores, and I have known for a long time that I CAN MAKE those scores. Without the changes, I would not get there. But with the changes, I need time to get used to them. Without change it will stay the same & so would the score.

At one moment I stabilized for the last two big competitions. On the Junior Final Competition, it went okay and I achieved my goals but not with the scores that I wanted. Some time later was the weekend of the Dutch Championships (June 2016). I was prepared but I had a lot of doubts. I didn’t feel comfortable with my standing position, knowing that if i changed some little things, my score would get better in the end but I would need to change my weapon’s measurements with it. It was a decision to say yes or no to. In the end I did choose for the new standing position with the reason that I wouldn’t be happy in the match if I didn’t, I would not have accept the score in the end, even if it was good. In the end I am satisfied with my competition, even tho my final was horrible. On the positive side, I deffinitly learned from this competition.

International Competitions

In the season of 2014-2015 I attended my first International Competition called “Intershoot”. It didn’t went as well, but what do you expect. I became sick with the idea that I ate something bad. It gave me more problems down the road. I developed a fear for for nerves, but after a lot of practising it is getting better now. I had a big anxiety for vomit for a long time but at this moment, I am only afraid for other people their vomit. I know myself a lot better now and I can control my fear for nerves better. I learned a lot on the International Competitions that I’ve been on and I can clearly see that my experience is helping me with new competitions wich I will be attending.


Small Bore

Last year I also started a new chapter in my shootingbook. I started shooting with a small bore rifle on 50 meters, Prone, as well as 3×20. I haven’t practise these disciplines much but my scores went up really quick. Next season I will shoot more often small bore & I will make my first goals for 2017 to fullfill.


there was also another impact on my life. It was a different year as normal. In May 2015 I finsished Higher General Secundary Education (In Dutch called HAVO). In september the same year I started a bachelor study called “Communication and Multimedia Design”. By schoolyear went by fast and I finished my first year with the maximum basicpoints that I could get. This season I have more time to focus on my hobby, and so will I.

Focusing on 2017

I was a different person in 2015 as I am now. Without 2016 I would not be who I am today. I sorted out my real dreams and I made plans to get what I want. I began having more fun in the things I do and I started believing in myself, if I look back, I never really did that. I believe that hard work will pay off. I know what I can do, but I will not get it for free. The next season is started (2016-2017) and I will be fresh & prepared. My basics made a great improvement last year, and I will be focusing more on the perfections & my score.


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