#2 Record September


The trainings started again and I knew I would struggle in the begin with that new pose that was created before the holidays, but even that struggle was underestimated. It felt like this wasn’t “my pose” and it made me start thinking. Should I go back? Maybe not. This could be that phase what you have to get through before you get used to something new. But why does that phase have to take so much time and effort? Something wasn’t right but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

There was building up a mountain of frustrations. At first I thought it was me. I thought I made to many mistakes, like firing the shot at the wrong time, aiming next to the 10, or maybe I had a bad balance myself? Most of the time the shooter behind the weapon makes the mistakes, but later I did think about my weapon. Maybe it isn’t properly set?

As a design student I learned that when a “user” (of a product or service) explains his problem, mostly isn’t the real problem. There is a deeper problem that the user doesn’t see, mostly because of frustrations. I thought about that and looked at my own problems & frustrations. I looked as a designer at my own frustrations and came on some conclusions. I had to go more back to what my real pose was. Then I also made some adjustments to my weapon, but that wasn’t a big deal. I immediately got better shots, only 5 shots, but trust me I couldn’t be happier. In the end it is a win-win situation at the moment. I solved my old problem, which made me go all the way with those changes, but now I can keep that solution for the old problem, but with a good feeling.

It gives me a rope to hold for getting over the frustration mountain.

Dutch Championships 3 positions, kneeling & prone 

In the beginning of this month we practised 3 positions with our air rifles for the Dutch Championships that started last week. My practise score wasn’t bad for a first time training all 3 positions at one day. I had set realistic goals for the 3 positions match at the Dutch championships. In the end I smashed my own goals. My standing part was the score that I estimated (this was before I applied the new changes), but on kneeling & prone I made 13.8 points more than I expected.

There was also a prone match of 40 shots waiting for me. I was excited after the 3 position-match. I made a total of 414.2, what was also unexpected. Yesterday evening, I decided that I also wanted to do the kneeling 40 shots for today. A good score as well, of 400.3, could have been better, but I’m not going to be complaining. In the end I became 3 times the Dutch Champion in my league, and I set 3 New Dutch Records, this makes a total of 4 records that are standing at this moment on my name.


There is one last subject for today. I wear a funny looking suit, as people always tell me. It can also be that they call it funny because of the colours that are used in my suit. As the suit becomes older it provides less and less support and eventually the suit loses its purpose. My suit needs to be replaced. I thought a long time about which brand is the best for me, since all brands that I can get are good. Decisions where made.

Yesterday the measurements for my new shooting jacket and pants have been taken place. It takes about 8-12 weeks for the company to make my suit. Stay tuned to find out which brand I chose and also, why I chose it. There will be a preview shown with the colours that will be involved in my new suit.


4 thoughts on “#2 Record September

  1. Mooie blog. Duidelijk en je frustraties goed onder woorden gebracht, maar ook de oplossing.
    Super prestaties bij de NK 3 houdingen, liggend en knielend.
    Hou dit vast.

    Liked by 1 person

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