#3 Spice it up


So here is my third blog post, about October. In my last post I explained about the changes I’ve made on my weapon & my own standing posture as an attempt to get back on right track. You can say that I am finally back on track right now (it took me some months). My scores went up right after making the changes, it hasn’t changed this month. I’ve shot more than seven series above a hundred, including two series that were close to 103 (both with an a shot of eight which makes it a bit more sad). Next to that, a lot of beautiful clusters.

There are some hiccups on my path but it is still the right road. I have to work on my shooting patterns next month, which means making the same moves every shot in the right order. It is a very important basic in shooting. You cannot expect the same shot by doing something nonidentical as the shot before. Here is a little example: If you move your hand that stabilises the weapon more away from you, your shot will be lower and moving your hand further away will make your shot go higher.


I’ve had my first  and second competition this season for “Air Rifle – Standing”. In the first competition I was expecting a bad score but I was not disappointed at all with my actual score. My score was 397,6 on two series of a hundred which I did not expect at all. It’s a great score to start the season with, even though it is not one of my best. Yesterday I shot  a score 401,4. I almost made a new personal record but with the circumstances I wasn’t capable enough of keeping my head up above water. I do think it definitely reflects more than I am capable of. I am not satisfied but I do feel really positive as it is the start of the season!

There was also an important competition this month for 50 meter “Small Bore – Prone”. It was not easy because people where shooting on the same range with heavy calibres. I felt shocks of the shots next to me the entire competition. Next to that I had to change the shooting cards every two shots, which I am not used to do. My arms and shoulders felt numb for days. The score did pay off, as it is one of my better scores in this category I made so far.


In my last post I have told you about my (soon-to-be) new shooting suit. I chose for Sauer as brand because it has more benefits for all of the three posture. Besides that, I see more women with my figure wearing this brand than other brands, which also makes it more attractive to myself. It was a hard choice but I am pretty sure I made the right one.

At first I tried a lot of different colours and combinations, but I reached the limits. Some colours could only be used as leather, which made it harder for me to make a combination I liked. In the end of my “colour & play” journey on Photoshop, I chose a combination that was simple but pleasant for the eye. Blue & Pink. My wish was to keep the colours straight and simple. Blue for the simplicity as it is dark but also not too dark (I prefer dark colours because dirty spots are harder to spot on those). I used four different colours of blue. I chose pink more as a signature of me. Spicing it up. 


When we were planning of making the right measurements the order, small problems appeared. Four of the pieces at the back of the pants needed to be white. Next to that, a piece at the right shoulder needed to become black. The final thing wasn’t something I could choose as the material was different than the one on the papers. As a designer it bothered me a lot that I couldn’t keep scale it as “one piece of black” and “four pieces of white”. I added more of those colours to the suit to make it more fashionable.

The results of the chosen colours are looking good to me. Tell me what you think about it and let me hear your opinion! Write down the 27th of November in your diary for the next update!




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