#4 Bumpy road


It is almost the end of November. You must be curious if I could keep myself on point as I mentioned in the last post. Well, the answer is yes and no.

After my last competition game in October where I had a score of 401,4, I have made more good scores, for example 401,3 and 402,9. All these scores contain about 2-3 eights. It doesn’t make me satisfied because of that. I do have to say that on the other hand, it is a signal that I’ve shot higher tens than I normally do. It really stood out this month; High tens.

Adding weight

In October I taped a piece of weight underneath my weapon on the middle-front, since I had no more weights that could have been placed on the front of my weapon. My weapon needed to be heavier for more stabilisation. In January there will be a new rule where tape is no longer accepted on a weapon. Together with my dad I made some weights for on my weapon myself.

When we finished two of the weights that we made I replaced the taped weight with one of the new weights on my weapon. I trained but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, my first shots were good every single time, but the longer I trained the worse my shots would become. A week ago I had a competition where I did find out what was wrong. Let’s not talk about the score, even though I got something useful out of it. Because of the circumstance on the shooting range I found out that the weight of the front of my weapon was too heavy. There was a problem now; I only had one training left before an important competition. Together with my coach I decided to put everything back to how it was before the new weight.

The important competition (AK – afdelingskampioenschap – division championship) went just as good as that it went bad. My goal at the moment is to shoot a serie of 103 without an 8. Well.. This competition was a fight with myself, with my brain most of all. I overwon 40 shots without 8’s but it ended up with a lot of 9’s which didn’t make the score much better if I just shot one eight.  Even though it was a bad score, I am proud that I didn’t make any eights, my last time was exactly 2 years ago on the same competition. In the training after the competition I put the weight back on, but less weight as I did the last time.

Plans for December

The plan for next month is to look if this weight isn’t too heavy as well. If it is not, I will practise to get used to it. Next to that, I will hopefully get my new shooting suit from Sauer within a month. There are also holidays incoming. With all these factors I am not sure what December will bring me this year. See you on the 25th of December!


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