#5a Special Short Message

Hey Hey! It is December but not the last sunday of the month.

This is a special post! I hope you are just as curious as I was. It is finally here… In my house… Since friday…

It is my new shootingsuit! I will not tell you anything about my scores, and neither will I tell you about how my experience with the suit as so far. I will keep that as a secret till sunday the 25th of December, keeping you hopefully peculiar.

Here are some pictures. In my next blogpost I will show you some more photos!


How the order looked like
Front of Jacket & Trousers
The back of the Jacket
A peakview of the total shooting equipment

2 thoughts on “#5a Special Short Message

  1. Whoow nice suit!! But when I look at your photo I think something need to be changed on your standing position. Ask your regional trainer to look at it.



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