#5 Ending of 2016

First thing first I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! December wasn’t a busy month. Lot of trainings and only one competition. There isn’t much to tell this month.

The new shooting suit definitely helps me a lot more! First score was on the day of arrival. A score of 403.3 where I achieved my goal of shooting a 10-shot serie of 103 points, 103.3 to be exactly.

Second score was a competition 2 days after arrival of the suit and a score of 401.5 where I achieved to shoot no 8’s or less. My 3th score was 402.6, on a range where my personal record was only 396.1 even though I train there 2 times a month. I beated that record with more than 6 points. Next to that another score of 10-shots of 103.5. After I shot the score I made a new goal for shooting a 10-shot serie of 104. I almost achieved my goal the day I made it! The final that we practised was done, by doing 6 final shots, making the decision to finish it with 4 shots, leaving me with a score of 103.9. Better luck next time!

Doesn’t look like a lot for you maybe, but I am really happy, since it is only the beginning and I already made some great deals in the 3 total scores that I have shot till now.

This is all that needed to be said. Thank you for your waiting and see you in January! January will probably be a quiet month as well. Wish you Happy Holidays!


2 thoughts on “#5 Ending of 2016

  1. Still aiming and goal setting on a final score 😉
    As a trainer I would prefer technical goals, your home trainer for sure agree with me.

    But separate from shooting I wish you merry Christmas and a happy new year. And perhaps for 2017 looking for the German Liga competition (shooting under pressure). Your regional trainer or home trainer for sure have contacts in Germany to find an appropriate team for you. Lots of success.

    Ben Pereboom

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