#6 New year, great start but small steps

First of all, sorry for the bad picture, but I sort of forgot about making some good pictures.

Small steps but feeling great

January was a busy month for me as I needed to finish my school semester with assessments and providing enough evidence to show that I earned my school points. But enough about that, I’m still growing with small steps as a shooter. I can definitely see that I am getting better after the training we did as a group with our bondscoach. I needed to change a lot but I can already see that it is paying off. My technique has improved the last month and I am more sure about what I am doing and what I need to do as new goals. I do have to keep in mind that I can get what I want, but I need to respect and appreciate my little steps that give me a better technique.


The last time I had a small caliber competition was in Octobre… Neither touched the weapon since then, as I was focusing more on Air Rifle and my new shooting suit. Two weeks ago I had the Division Championships for Small Caliber 50 meters prone. In this competition I used my old shooting jacket instead of the new one, as I still have it and I do not think it makes such a big difference in my score. The score went good till my last ten shots. Definitely noticeable that I did not train for a time. Still a reasonable score of 567 which is not bad for me at all.

Preparing for Intershoot


So the first international competition of this year and I am really looking forward to it! Maybe I meet some new faces or see you again after a long time. At the moment I am just planning my way to go for these 3 day-competition and taking a little break from shooting. Of Course I made  technique and personal goals. For myself I am not planning to pay a lot attention to the scores, as I know what I really need for making a good ten. 


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