#7 Intershoot 2017

Intershoot 2017

Oh man… It wasn’t easy, but a 4-day long journey never is. The day we arrived we needed to check my gear if it was between the measurements. My shooting suit was stiffer as it is allowed to be. After a while of making friction between the parts that needed to be accepted for stiffness, it was good enough. I hoped I wouldn’t get a control after one of the competitions, I was not sure if I could come through the control but I did not have a control after any match, which was lucky.

The first competition on the second of February did not go well at all. I didn’t know that they would be playing music in the hall the whole match, the whole day. I only thought that would be in the finals. I wasn’t prepared for that. It depended on the song, but I really had to deal with my heartrate, as it went on the beat of the songs that where played. My score wasn’t great already but I couldn’t even finish the match. I thought I had 30 seconds left, watching on the clocks. But found out it was only 10 seconds that I had left for the last shot. After the said to stop, I shot my shot anyway. It was 9.9 which made me feel a bit better, even though it didn’t count.  If I didn’t shoot it, I would never know what it would had been.

The second and third Competition Match went better. Not as I wanted, but indeed a lot better. I went back on track and both of the days my practice shots went great, maybe a bit too great. I managed to get two scores that are average, and one was close to my personal record. Of course I wasn’t that happy because I know I can do a lot better, but I have to remind myself that it was very close to the highest I have shot on a competition yet. There will be a time that I will raise the personal record, there will be a time that the lucky day can’t walk away from me anymore. I have my ups and downs this month, but I see a lot of improvement in my technique!

In the end I am happy with how I mentally improved the last year and I could definitely notice that. I made some new friends, (Hi if you are reading this!) and I achieved my goals on intershoot and made new goals for the rest of this season.

3 Positions Air Rifle

Wow! I can’t say more than that. I beat my personal record with about 7 points! Next to that, I also shot higher as the Dutch Record that I made last September, sadly this was an open competition and makes the score not countable. My kneeling and prone score was only a little lower as the other score. My standing part really made the different between these two scores. Last year I was trying out new things and influenced the scores a lot. Now I was able the shoot a lot higher than the other. Improvement with something like 13 points on the standing part.

3 Positions Small Bore

This did not go as I wanted it to. Kneeling went okay and prone was acceptable. The standing part didn’t even make it on the goal… Zero points. Later we found out the problem was that the line of sight was not lined up with the one from the weapon. My parents helped me getting it right and on Thursday I shot my first 10-shots of 92 with standing. So we are getting near!


Goals for March

Working on my shot-routine, it is a bit outdated, which gives me shots that are easy to be prevented.


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