#8 Eureka!

Starting with this beautiful blogpost I want to make a quote. Lets get back to the goals for March from my last post.

“Working on my shot-routine, it is a bit outdated, which gives me shots that are easy to be prevented.”

This was a big goal, because a shot-routine is more than one thing. It is a combination of a lot of small steps, in which some of these steps you do automatically. An example for that is loading; It is a thing where you do not pay a lot of attention to. Like how you are loading? It could be with you left hand or maybe your right hand, maybe right after the shot, or first looking at the shot. That is a thing I personally do automatic, but there are a lot of other things in my shot-routine that I do not right and don’t pay enough attention to.

March was the month I focused on one thing. Only one thing of my shot-routine. That has always been hard for me, I always intend to give all the strength I got. I let go of that, and  it openend my eyes. I never expected it would make such a difference by taking one small step instead of paying my attention over 3 things at the same.

Sorry that I don’t have action photos of this month, in April there will be!

New Record (Air Rifle competition)

I first shot this new competition personal record of 409.8 (Air Rifle Standing). That was already a very big gap with my highest score before that. I improved my record with 7.7 points!  I was really happy and I am still working on keeping it up. I can shoot it once but the plan is to keep it up. I Didn’t shoot this month under the 400. Lowest was 403.6, which is still good.


New Record (Small Bore 3p)

But that wasn’t all… Also a new personal record on 3 position Small Bore. An increase of 15 points, ending it on 559. It was not the best day, kneeling did not went very well and standing was really good, but I couldn’t keep up the last four shots of the serie because of the circumstances at the range. Anyway, I am not disappointed because I came very close to my goal.


And we are still not done! This is the most interesting part of March! Here we go. I’m still a bit nervous even thinking about what I did, not being so sure how I did this.

New Record (Air Rifle training)

A new Trainingsrecord on Air Rifle standing, 416.1. It is a new trainingsrecord with 14 points. It is my first time that I shot in the 390, with 392! seven 9.9’s and one 9.8! I can’t believe I did this. My first ten shots went really good, but I am not sure how I managed to make all 4 series climb up! The score is counted with hand and could be inaccurate, it could be less or more when it will be count by a machine. The image is big, but it deserves the place! It was the plan to keep up to good score of 409.8, not over do it with another big difference.

Three years I have been fighting for 3 points, and now, in one month, a gain that is worth so much.


Goals for April

Proving myself is one thing, but keeping it up is another. I will keep working on my shot-routine and I will keep up doing it as I am doing it now. Next weekend is very busy, 3 matches on Saturday. Sunday I will be shooting Air Rifle Standing on ISAS in Dortmund. I will not set a score-goal, I really don’t know what to expect. I am happy when I am above the 400 points, and I will not make the mistake by setting the bar too high. I will be focusing on technique, that it is the key for me.







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