#9 Tension

District Championship Air Rifle

In my last blog I explained my goal for ISAS & the District Championships. The goal was to focus on technique and be satisfied with everything above 400. This competition didn’t really went as flexible as I hoped it would. It went very well in the sighting time, my shots where counting an average of 10.4 (calculated in 40 shots 416). I managed to hold it in the match itself as well, for 6 shots. After that I lost it. I was distracted and nervous. In the middle of the competition I changed my goals , I’ve learned that it isn’t a smart thing to do. I couldn’t get myself back up, except for the last 4 shots, where I managed to pull myself up to shoot the last ten’s an ended with a score of 401.1. This match was definitely a mental lesson for me.

Photo shot by Arno Brinkman

District Championship 3 positions Small Bore

On the same day as the Air Rifle match (the above paragraph) I had the 50 meter 3 positions Small bore match. It wasn’t too cold outside, nor very warm. Kneeling wasn’t going as the best, and prone wasn’t much better. I thought that with 20 good shots in the standing section I could still pull up the other two parts and end with a good score. Sadly, the weather wasn’t planning on letting that happen. The wind became chaotic and extreme. I was also in a bit time pressure, and tired as well. I’ve been waiting for minutes, standing in shooting position, to do one shot. At one point, I started caring less about the score. The score I wanted to achieve wasn’t achievable anymore. Because the wind blew my shots away from the rings that they would have been in. One shot was a 4.  I made the decision to see it as a training, and find out what wind can do to the bullet and what I can do to give the wind less impact. It was a good day, it took a lot of strength and energy. Even though this score wasn’t great, it was fun.

ISAS Dortmund

Second international competition of this season and it went great! This was the day after the District Championships and I took all the things I’ve learned from the day before in action. I’m satisfied about my score. I became 38 of 96 competitors, with a new personal record on international competition of 406.1. My average went up from 400 to around 406-408 in April/May. I’m glad about my own dedication and perseverance. There is still a lot to work on!


Plans for May

This month wont be my best month. My goal is to let go of my thoughts and focus more on my feelings when I’m shooting. Staying positive and calm is an important key. On the 10th of May I will be shooting 50 meter Small Bore 3 positions on the International competition ISCH Hannover.

This month is going to pass really quick, since i will be gone from the 13th of May till the 3th June. There will probably be no new post in May itself, maybe before leaving and after I’m back in the Netherlands. May will be a different month as normal. I will be going to India as excursion trip together with around 17 other students and some teachers. It was an opportunity I couldn’t let go.


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