#10 May & June

ISCH Hannover

My goal was 560 and I was on the good way with prone (95-93) and the first ten shots of prone went well too (97). Sadly it didn’t last long. Wind was coming up and I even shot a 7seven in my second ten shots of prone. It ended with 90 which made it really hard to get my goal. I had enough time left, 40 minutes to be exact. In the standing position I’ve shot “smart”. The wind was still there, rising in speed and it was a weird wind. In the front it was different as in the back, and it was also left different as on my right. It must have made some kind of circle. Instead of shooting 10 or more training shots, I only made about two or three. I felt that it was right and I knew that I needed the time. I’ve shot 93 and 90, which isn’t very bad for me. The end result was 557, only two points away from my personal Record, ranking me 47th out of 67 participants. Another eight shooters did not start.

In Hannover I met Jober Velasco for the first time, someone that I knew for a longer time over Facebook. (It was nice meeting you!). Next to that I will be participating in the LIGA season of 2017-2018 with the LIGA team from “Sportschützen Bremen e.V.” as reserve for Jelle Wind.


Less than 3 days after the competition in Hannover I went with the group of school to India. I can’t say more than that it was a very special journey that I don’t want to forget. Of course the journey couldn’t end without problems, there where enough of those. It was stressful, energy draining and above all very challenging for mind & body. 

Junior Final Day

Coming back from India it was hard to get back in my life track, school, shooting but also my social life. It felt like i forgot how to shoot and that i didn’t practise for 6 months. There weren’t a lot of trainings options because there was only one week left before this competition so I did some practicing at home. I wasn’t expecting some good from myself at the competition, When I came back from India I lost about 4 kilos. I made some simple goals for myself. In the end I loved this competition because it was like climbing the stairs. With 400 I would have been very happy because it would mean that I could still do it, even after the break.

But once shooting:

“oh lets go for 402.”
“What about 404.”
“Oh, we* can make 405.”
“406 maybe even? Lets go that!”
And in my final 3 shots I adapted my goal to 407. “We can do it.” And so we did.

I went in the final as 4th with 407,0 and I left the final with 159,2 (lets not talk about that because I should have made a protest which I did not do but secretly regret).


Two important competitions are left for the shooting season of 2016-2017, both are Dutch championships. Air Rifle championship is next weekend and I got Small Bore prone on the 8th of July.

My goal is to make a satisfying ending of this shooting season and keep calm and focused. I’m going to pay all my attention to my technique because it isn’t really in my rhythm back after the trip.

* We stands for me & my weapon Victoria.


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