About me

You can be wondering who I am. Let me introduce myself first; I am Cecillia, born in 1998, and I am living in the Netherlands. Shooting is my favorite hobby but I also like to play video games for relaxation. I am still in school, studying Communication and multimedia Design. I want to do a university after my current school, just as my dream to become one of the world’s best shooters. My dreams are my plans, and I am pretty good in planning.

Almost my whole life my family went on vacation in Germany on western weekends. In these weekends, or sometimes weeks,  you travel back in time and pretend to be like cowboys, indians and trappers. Mostly there is a competition with historic weapons and replicas of them. This is the way how I came in contact with the shooting sport. I’ve known about guns and gun safety all my life. My parents taught me at a young age to never aim a (fake) gun on a person, even if it is made out fake and plastic, nor when I aim with my fingers. I’ve always listened to this.

I never really had an interest for these western weekends, that appeared at an older age. When my brother was 14 he wanted to start shooting. My parents took him to a shooting range for air weapons. I never knew that air weapons existed, but the second time that my brother went to the range, I came along. I immediately liked the sport and since the age of 12/13, I never stopped with my shootinghobby.

I started with a really old gun but I was grown out of it really quick. My parents gave me at that point a beautiful blue Anschütz, which wasn’t very advanced. In the end of 2012 I became part of the Talent Team – North. Not very soon after that my parents upgraded my air rifle to a Walther LG400 Alutec with was way more advanced. A year later I had my last upgrade to a Walther LG400 Anatomic,  which is still my air rifle of today.

Late in 2015 I also started with small calibre (.22) on 50 meters. I use an Asnchütz rifle for this discipline. I enjoy it just as much as shooting with my air rifle, but has some more challenging aspects which makes the difference with air rifles.  In both air rifle as small calibre I practice all the 3 positions, which are prone, kneeling & standing. From all the categories that I shoot is air rifle standing my main categorie.

On westernweekends I mostly have a “fun break” as I like to call it, where I am shooting with historic weapons from my parents. When I’m shooting with these older guns I take the weapons serious, but the score is more for fun. 

You can always ask your questions about me by contacting me personally.

In short my disciplines

Rifle .22  50 m.        – 3×20
Rifle  .22 50 m.        – Prone
Air Rifle 10 m.          – 3×20
Air Rifle 10 m.          – Prone
Air Rifle 10 m.          – Kneeling
Air Rifle 10 m.          – Standing
Historic Weapons  – Percussion Rifles
Target Sprint



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