Life doesn’t make it easy. There is always this cyclus in high-class sport where you need money to support you, but you don’t have the money because you can not work and be as active in your sport as needed at the same time. I made the choice to blog about what I’m doing. For me, this is my little job, my little extra that I can offer to support my sport career.

Everything is expensive for me, the shooting suit that I ordered in September, other required parts that need to be replaced for new or upgrades, my parents that drive me everywhere that I need to be, and even my vitamins that I need, are really expensive, because it needs to be approved of anti-doping. I got to be honest, I can not pay for it, I do not own (a lot of) money myself. My parents are my real supporters and I love them.

By donating you don’t just help and support me, you are helping and supporting my family. It would make us feel that we are not alone. Every little bit of help would make me feel that you believe in me, believe that I can achieve my dreams & make you part of it. I can never be thankful enough for your support. I can not do more than staying active on my blog. The money will be used for a SCATT Training system.

You can donate with the use of this account number:

NL03 RABO 3316 7376 85

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