The one and only question; Why would I start blogging about my personal shooting experience? There are different reasons why I think it is important. First of all, It is a uniquer way to announce my achievements and show the reasons behind the performances, a way to express my feelings. A second reason is, I can mantain my English. Practise makes perfect right?

Shooting is a sport that deserves more attention, lots of people don’t even know it exists, or have a different mind of how this takes place than how it actually does. I want to take you with me on a journey through my eyes to show you what this sport is and tell you about my personal experiences.

I don’t know everything from the sports or any other subjects. Sometimes I have question in my head with no answers, which I will also share on this blog. You are free to contact me and everyone is allowed to give his opinion or start a discussion. They say that learning is a life time journey.

“The shot of tomorrow”, stands for analysing your shot at the present, to improve yourself, prepare, and have a better shot the next day. Without giving it is no getting. As I once read on a flowerpot “The seeds of today are the flowers of tomorrow”.