In the media & Contact

In the media

This is the place where I will be showing you the publicity I have been in. I will keep it short with links and short text. Most of it is in Dutch.

2010 -2015

A lot of local newspapers that did not appear online.


Franeker Courant – on the website & in the newspaper (Dutch)


Jannuary – Omrop Fryslân, Programm “Hea!” (Dutch/Frysian)

October – De Stienser (Dutch – Page 5)

November – Newspaper of DSV Den Helder (Dutch)

December – Newspaper “Hysntenijs” of Sjaerdema-Liauckema ruiters (Dutch – page 22 and 23)


February – NHL school (dutch)

July – Franeker Courant (Dutch)

July – De Stienser (Dutch)


There is always a way to contact me for questions, topic-requests or anything else about my blog (maybe mistakes in text), about me, or about shooting. I prefer the contact over email, if you need more than just my email, ask in an email and I will personally give the information to you.

Name: Cecillia van Dongen